Summer Refinance Offer


Refinance your Home Loan or Investment Loan with  EZ Financing  during Summer 2020 and receive $500 JB  Hi - Fi Gift Card

 (This is in addition to any Bank / Lender Promotions) 


Do you have a home loan?

Do you have other debts that you’d like to clear?

Or, have you had a change in your personal or financial situation?


Maybe it’s time to consider refinancing your current home loan.   

Most people contemplate refinancing their home loan to repay other debts, or simply because they want a better deal on their home loan.   

1. Save your money   

2. Consolidating all of your other loans and credit cards into your home loan will save you money – a home loan has an interest rate that can be substantially lower than, say, a credit card. If you have several credit cards that you want to clear, you can save a considerable amount on interest.   

3. On top of this, you’ll be pay off these debts over a much longer period (associated with the length of your new home loan). Therefore, the monthly increase in payment is likely to be minimal, depending on the debt. Book a call with me  to see if I can save you money   

And Its Not Always About Savings it about using your  Equity  from your home to :

* Do renovations   

* Buy and investment property   

* Install a Pool   

* Extend the house   

* Take a holiday   

* Buy a boat   

* The options are endless

JB Hi-Fi Gift Card Conditions   

- Refinance $250,000 or greater to qualify.  

- This is in addition to any bank offers.  - Offer end 31 March 2020.  

- Loan must be submitted to the lender by 31 March 2020. 

- $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card will be provided once your loan has settled. 

- EZ Financing loves answering questions so please just ask if you have any.




Please complete this 3-minute form & provide us with your brief financial background. We will then come back to you within the next 24 business hours with an estimated range of your borrowing capacity.

Please note: No enquiry is made on your credit file & this information is provided for assessment purposes only.